To our Highly Valued Customers,


We regret to inform you that we are Closing Down and No Longer Supporting the UltimateAppMaker / Tashlik App Building system.

The Tashlik system was a White Label Reseller platform through Seattleclouds .com and unfortunately this agreement was terminated unexpectedly and without notice. Their team has decided with all the new changes, specifically the addition of Progressive Web Apps, that the best way to offer their service and support is shutting down their Resellers Platform and working with customers directly.

How will this affect your Apps?

There is good news for our members! You can continue using the Tashlik System and maintain your current Apps, by going to the  SeattleClouds .com website, and subscribing directly to their service. It’s an almost identical platform so the transition will be very easy. Of course this decision is entirely up to you, but at this time it’s the only solution available to avoid downtime and keeping your Apps fully functional on the App Stores.

The migration process is very simple…  (further details below)

We’ve been informed that Your Apps will remain Live for a short period of time (possibly 30 days, but not guaranteed), but the ability to publish new apps is not possible. So we suggest you start the migration to Seattleclouds soon to avoid delays and issues. There’s currently over 700,000 Apps that are affected by this change so you don’t want to get caught in the backlog.


It’s been an amazing journey, thank you for using the UltimateAppMaker.com and contributing to the community!


Thank You!

-The UltimateAppMaker Team



Dear Mobile App Developers and Publishers,
You may have never heard of a company called SeattleCloud, but this is the company that manufactures and maintains the Mobile App Builder that you have been using to develop and manage your mobile applications.

You also might not be aware that all of your apps have been built using a single account that is registered with SeattleCloud. This account has been terminated.

Your application(s) are now in a situation where there is no active account attached to them. Your apps will cease to function in the very near future unless you take action now.  You have the option to develop your apps somewhere else. We hope, however, that you like what you see on SeattleCloud and decide to work directly with us.

Utilize our Migration Wizard to transfer all of your existing applications to a SeattleCloud account.  A step by step guide for the migration tool tutorial is located here:

Once you do this all of your apps will continue to function. You now have a direct account with SeattleCloud and will experience all of the advantages that SeattleCloud has to offer.

LIMITED TIME OFFER*: We are offering you, for a limited time only, our Premium App plan that is normally $19.95 (per month) for ONLY $4.99 per month (paid annually) and only $6.99 (paid monthly).  This deal will last for only a few days so act fast.

Click here to take advantage of this offer:


If you have a large number of Apps and want a Professional White Label Account click on this link:

Create Developer Account 

Take a look at both options and choose the best one that fits your individual needs. You always have the option to develop your apps somewhere else. We hope though that you like what you see on SeattleCloud and decide to stay with us.  SeattleCloud is one of the world’s largest and most advanced mobile app platform.


Should you have any questions, we have set up a special email for you to ask important questions about your new account.  If you have questions, please contact us at:  Account Support  Please understand that it may take up to 48 hours to receive and answer as there are many customers migrating during this period.  Our team will be diligently working to insure you conversion to SeattleCloud is a good one.


We hope that you decide to join us at SeattleCloud. We believe that the future of the worldwide Mobile App business is just getting underway and we are in an excellent position to assist you in taking advantage of that growth.

*The recurring amount of $6.99 is a special limited offer and will be available for six months starting the day that you subscribe. This plan does not qualify for 14 days money back guarantee. The $4.99 annual plan does not qualify for 14 days money back guarantee.



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